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The Hickey Underworld / Wall on the Fly
Krankland / Summer Avalanche
Millionaire / Silent River
Nele Needs A Holiday / Made In Taiwan
Krankland / Butterfly
Arabnormal / Digital Veil
Nele Needs A Holiday / Drunk song
An Pierlé / Cold Song
Poolface / K.
Nele Needs A Holiday / OK Girlfriend
Krankland / Rat Race of the Slugs
Helmut Lotti / Roofdier
Mira / Enkel Glas
Nele Needs A Holiday / We'll see
Mira / Shopping Mall
Mortier / Marie
Willy Organ / Kom je ontvoeren vannacht
In-Kata / A Fur called Louise
Mira / Niet op punten
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